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Glenn Proudfoot Shares Transcription of New Song, "Now That You’re Gone"

Last month, posted the exclusive premiere of "Now That You’re Gone," a new instrumental track by guitarist and frequent Guitar World contributor Glenn Proudfoot.

Today, we have the sequel, if you will. It's the official transcription of the song, courtesy of Proudfoot.

The song is from his new album, Ineffable, which is available for preorder through and iTunes.

"In terms of technique, this track has a bit of everything—arpeggios, sweeps, legato, string skipping, tapping and harmonics," Proudfoot said. "This is a great representation of how you can incorporate all these techniques into your soloing or writing.

"A lot of guitarists question the validity of a lot of techniques, and for a very good reason. There are certain things that are completely useless when writing music, but the majority of techniques—if explored properly—can take your playing and songwriting to amazing heights. My whole purpose is to be able to convey the musical message I want without any limitations. This is my reason for exploring and practicing as many new ideas as I can, so when it comes time to write, I can just let everything flow.

"With this transcript, it is very important to start with the rhythm parts, as this will enable you get the feel for the track. All of the melody parts grow out of the rhythm and, in the first section of the song, are incorporated into the tag lines of the melody.

"When I'm writing a song, the rhythm parts are what spur the initial creativity. I spend just as much time on them as I do the melody. In order to write a good song, the rhythm parts are key, as they will create the right emotion for the melody to accentuate.

"Instrumental music can be challenging, as you are taking on all the communication responsibilities with the guitar. There are no vocals/lyrics for the listener to connect with or relate to, so you really must tell the story on the guitar and not just play over the top of a track.

"Obviously, there are no rules in music. Every artist has his or her own way of expressing themselves. For me, it's about taking the listener on a small journey. If someone can listen to one of my songs and forget the rigors of their day for a couple of minutes and simply be consumed in the moment, that's the most rewarding thing for me.

"I transcribed this song myself, so you have my guarantee that all of the notes and fingerings are 100 percent accurate!"

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Now That You'Re Gone - PDF