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Hear Tremonti's New Song, "As the Silence Becomes Me"

Tremonti have premiered a new song, "As the Silence Becomes Me." You can check it out above.

"As the Silence Becomes Me" is the fourth single from the band's upcoming album, A Dying Machine. It follows "Bringer of War," "Take You with Me" and "A Dying Machine." A Dying Machine is set for release next Friday, June 8, via Napalm Records.

A Dying Machine is the first "concept album" of Tremonti’s career; the music was inspired by a story Tremonti developed during the most recent Alter Bridge tour. The tale, which is being turned into a full-length work of fiction by Tremonti and John Shirley, takes place at the turn of the next century where humans and fabricated beings called “vessels” are trying to co-exist. Tremonti and Shirley are working on finishing the novel to release alongside the record.

In the meantime, the album is available for pre-order right here. For more information, visit