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Metallica's 11 Angriest On-Camera Moments

(Image credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

For many TV watchers, the 2017 Grammy Awards were probably the first time they saw Metallica perform. And what they saw was a group whose performance was ruined by a microphone problem that caused frontman James Hetfield to kick over his mic stand and toss his guitar when the song was finished.

We can’t blame Hetfield for being angry, but as longtime Metallica fans know, this is hardly the first time he or the other members of the group have had flashes of anger in public or on camera.

This newly uploaded clip gathers together some seven-plus minutes of Metallica mayhem from the band’s history: James yelling at Lars, Lars yelling at James, James yelling at the audience, Lars giving Robert a hard time, and even Kirk getting pissed at his amp.

Whew. It’s been a rough 35 years.