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Is This Nirvana? Newly Discovered Tracks Said to Be from 1993 Session

(Image credit: Michael Linssen/Getty Images)

Alternative Nation reports that seven unreleased Nirvana recordings—including two never-before-heard-songs—have surfaced on a studio reel from 1993.

The songs were leaked online by a fan who purchased the reel on eBay.

The sessions are dated February 15, 1993, and include alternate versions of “Dumb,” including an instrumental version and one featuring Dave Grohl solo, and three versions of “Marigold,” two of which are instrumental and one of which might feature guitarist Kurt Cobain on drums.

The real treats, however, are the two unreleased tracks, both of which are instrumentals. The song “Lullaby” clocks in at 3:35 and sounds like a goof off. It features drums, bass and “a bizarre keyboard lead that sounds like demonic Doors,” according to Alternative Nation. The second unreleased track is untitled and features Grohl playing all instruments.