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Patrick Sieben Premieres "B-Side Track” Lyric Video —Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of a new lyric video by Patrick Sieben.

“B-Side Track” is the first song from Sieben's upcoming album, Under the Neon Light, which will be released in February 2015.

"There's no secret—if you have any type of personal relationship with Taylor Swift, you're probably going to have a song written about you," Sieben says about “B-Side Track.” "Maybe it's my smart-ass nature, but this song became this dirty rock track of me poking a little fun at Taylor, but not in a mean way because I genuinely like her."

Over the last three years, Sieben has become an attraction in Las Vegas.

"There is no doubt this great city has presented an opportunity for me to perform almost every night," he says. "To be able to wake up every day and only have to play music is a beautiful thing. It allows me to really focus on playing. I've been able to hone in my craft, and really find myself as an artist."

For more about Sieben and Under the Neon Light, visit and follow him on Facebook.