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Paul Gilbert Announces New Album, 'Behold Electric Guitar'

Paul Gilbert performs at the Volta Club in Moscow, Russia in October 2016.

Paul Gilbert performs at the Volta Club in Moscow, Russia in October 2016. (Image credit: Epsilon/Getty Images)

Paul Gilbert has announced a new album, Behold Electric Guitar.

Gilbert is releasing the album—his first solo disc since 2015's I Can Destroy—through PledgeMusic. It is set for release this September.

"This is my first venture with PledgeMusic, and it is likely to evolve as the journey continues," Gilbert said in a statement. "So check back often, to see what is happening. I certainly appreciate your support. I love my job as a musician, and I am filled with gratitude that good people support my endeavors.

"I pledge to you, to speak the language of guitar into that one microphone, with the grooviest musicians around, and to deliver a record that both you and I will want to listen to come rain or come shine.

"Oh yeah, and how about the album title? Get ready, here it is; "Behold My Electric Rock Jazz Blues Guitar Record Album” Or for short….Behold Electric Guitar. All right. Enjoy. Thank you very much."

Along with Behold Electric Guitar, Gilbert is also releasing an album called Vernon Solos. According to Gilbert's PledgeMusic page, the album is a clean, one-mic recording of the-then 21-year-old Gilbert in 1988, showing up early to a Racer X rehearsal, and playing non-stop guitar solos by himself for an hour straight. The album has never been released anywhere.

You can preorder Behold Electric Guitar or Vernon Solos right here. For more info on the project, be sure to check out its PledgeMusic page.