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Roger Waters Streams a Clip from His First Studio Album in 25 Years

On Wednesday, January 11, former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters turned to Instagram to give the world a brief sampling of his latest musical effort.

The clip, embedded below, gives a taste of what’s to come from the new album, Waters’ first studio record since 1992’s Amused to Death, released 25 years ago. Waters is shown in the studio jamming on bass guitar with producer Nigel Godrich.

The Pink Floyd cofounder talked about the project last October, telling Rolling Stone it’s a story about a grandfather whose granddaughter wakes from a dream of children being killed.

“He says, ‘No, they’re not,’ ” Waters said. “ ‘They haven’t killed any children since the Troubles [in Northern Ireland].’ And the kid says, ‘Not here, Grandpa. Over there.’ The grandfather promises they will go on a quest to find the answer to this question: Why are they killing all the children? It is a fundamentally important question.

“So I wrote this whole thing—part magic carpet ride, part political rant, part anguish. I played this to Nigel, and he goes, ‘Oh, I like that little bit’—about two minutes long—‘and that bit.’ And so we've been working. I've also been falling in love, deeply in love.

“So the record is really about love—which is what all of my records have been about, in fact. It’s pondering not just why we are killing the children. It’s also the question of how do we take these moments of love—if we are granted any in our lives—and allow that love to shine on the rest of existence, on others.”.....

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A video posted by Roger Waters (@rogerwaters) on Jan 11, 2017 at 4:45pm PST