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Check Out "Shogun" by Hyvmine, a New Band Featuring Prog-Metal Master Al Joseph

Hyvmine features guitarist Al Joseph, second from right.

Hyvmine features guitarist Al Joseph, second from right. (Image credit: Official Press Photo/Royal Avenue Media)

The LA-based Hyvmine is the brainchild of Al Joseph, a respected young prog-metal guitarist who readers might remember from this "Betcha Can't Play This" lick from last year.

After nearly five years of flooding the scene with guitar mayhem—including a lot of instrumental music—Joseph is making new strides as the lead vocalist and frontman of this new guerrilla army. Their debut album, Earthquake, will be released January 19.

Below, you can check out "Shogun," the first taste of the new disc. It combines a barrage of thunderous double bass drums with prog metal guitar rhythms accompanied by Joseph's soulful voice and challenging solos.

"This new music is not only about bringing the house down but about uplifting the soul,” Joseph says.

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Earthquake Track List:
1. Shift
2. Mirror Master
3. Shogun
4. All of Creation
5. Earthquake
6. Fire Escape
7. Elysium
8. Great Divide
9. Cliffhanger