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Stevie T Premieres "Djenstrumental" Playthrough Video — Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Djenstrumental," a new song (and playthrough video) by guitarist, solo artist, bespectacled metalist and YouTube personality named Steve Terreberry—better known as Stevie T.

The track is from Stevie's awesomely named new release, Album of Epicness.

The album, which was written solely by Stevie and produced by Carmen Sorge, was released April 28. On the disc, Stevie parodies a number of rock artists but also shows off his six-string prowess.

In other words, he's more than just the "metal comedian" you might recognize from "Guitar Does NOT Get Chicks!" and "What If Deathcore Sounded Happy?"

Terreberry began building a huge fan base through his YouTube channel by incorporating metal music, guitar chops and comedy. Last year, Artery Recordings' Shan Dan Horan took note of Stevie's guitar playing, songwriting abilities and comedic approach and signed him to a record deal.

On "Djenstrumental," Stevie takes a step back from the comedic approach to showcase his guitar skills in this ode to progressive metal instrumentals and djent.

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