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Stream Wednesday’s Interview with Living Colour Right Here

BackStory Events, Guitar World, Eventide and PRS Guitars invite you to join us for the live stream of our exclusive interview with Living Colour.

The interview will take place Wednesday, August 16, at 6:30 p.m. EST, live from the Cutting Room in New York City.

Vernon Reid, Doug Wimbish, Corey Glover and Will Calhoun sit down to discuss their latest studio album, Shade, due out September 8. This long-form interview will cover career highlights and insights and includes a short performance.

The band will be interviewed by former Guitar World editor-in-chief Brad Tolinski. Brought to you by Eventide and PRS Guitars, the event is part of the BackStory Events online series.

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Watch the live stream here:

  • Watch the live performance here:

Once we go live, the stream will appear below. For now, check out these clips from Eventide and PRS Guitars.