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"The Top Seven Street Guitarists in the World" — Video

Check out a fairly new video (April 18) that collects the "Top Seven Street Guitarists in the World," at least according to the person who posted and/or created it, a YouTube user named New ToDay.

We've actually been thinking about researching and posting a story like this for quite a while, so we thank New ToDay for doing some of the work for us.

The video, which is nine minutes long, kicks off with guitarist Tom Ward, stops off at Jacek Piotrowicz (and four other players) and finishes off with Eugenio Jedi Martinez. The clip omits at least two names we'd have included if the video were ours ... but we can sort that out next time.

Let's not forget that you can get a strong reaction from playing just one note—giving it plenty of time to breathe—a la B.B. King. But gawkers seem to prefer the flashy types, it seems. Anyway, enjoy!