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Video: Ernie Ball's 'Real to Reel with Slash,' Volume 5 — Guitars

Ernie Ball's new online series, Real to Reel with Slash, debuted February 25 on Slash's official YouTube channel.

The latest installment — Part 5, which you can watch below — shows Slash & Co. — better known as "Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators" — at a studio in Los Angeles, hard at work on their next album, which will be released later this year.

Each clip in the series provides a behind-the-scenes peek at the band's sessions, courtesy of Ernie Ball. This episode puts the focus on Slash, producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette and Slash's guitar tech, Ace Bergman, who discuss the challenges associated with keeping Slash's guitars in tune. "There's a whole lot of voodoo witchcraft," Bergman says.

Slash and Bergman also discuss the "Appetite Les Paul," which is a mid-Eighties Kris Derrig custom Les Paul copy, and all the other guitars used during the sessions.

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Stay tuned for the next episode and news about the upcoming album!