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Watch Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Guy Jam in 1968

(Image credit: Jan Olofsson/Getty Images)

It's difficult to find footage of the legendary Jimi Hendrix—who died a whopping 47 years ago—jamming with a guitarist who's still touring and recording in 2018. But that's exactly what we have here.

Below, check out some poor-quality but historically priceless footage of Hendrix laying it down with Buddy Guy. According to American Blues Scene, which posted the clip to YouTube, the action takes place in 1968.

The video starts off with Guy performing a powerful rendition of "Stormy Monday" at a small club with his band. At 0:54, we see Hendrix grooving near the front of the stage, clearly enjoying what he's hearing and seeing. After an edit that occurs at 6:20, Hendrix is suddenly on stage with Guy and the band, holding a lefty Strat.

The remaining five or so minutes of the clip features a loose—to say the least—jam session over a funky beat. During the melee, Buddy breaks a string and experiences tuning issues as a result.

If you just want to get to Hendrix's solo, head directly to 9:41. If you're wondering who's soloing between 6:26 and 8:19, join the club. We're leaning toward Roy Buchanan, Bob Margolin, Dave Mason or Hugh McCracken. If you happen to know who it is—or care to make an educated guess—please leave a comment below.

Anyway, enjoy this piece of guitar history!