Wolf Hoffmann Unveils New Music Video, "Night on Bald Mountain"

Wolf Hoffmann has unveiled the music video for his new single, "Night on Bald Mountain."

The track, a reinterpretation of a classical composition by Modest Mussorgsky, is culled from Hoffmann's second solo album, the appropriately titled Headbangers Symphony.

"Some ideas devised in a split second can work like a charm, and originally it was like—there's no way you can do that... but I thought why not?!," says the longtime Accept guitarist about the video. "We had so much fun, and it was party time from the first second onwards! I hope the fans get it: a very hot summer night with friends and music and going a bit over the top. I wish you all could have been there!"

You can order Headbangers Symphony here, and watch the music video below.