The Oil Slick: Garage Musicians Make Great Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here, and with it comes the timeless dilemma: Who are you going to be this year?

With the economy not doing so hot and that Harry Potter costume from last year still sporting the aftermath of a cheese dip incident, it's time to come up with a cheap plan B.

Luckily for fans of garage rock, cheap is well respected in the genre, and some of its biggest figures dress like an auto mechanic or a 19th-century vampire on a daily basis. Strange for them, great for you.

The Iggy Pop

To pull off this look, which says you can play the guitar but would rather smash it over someone's head, all you need is a pair of uncomfortably tight jeans and a blonde wig. Having a perfect figure helps, but if that isn't happening, just tell people you're going as old Iggy instead of young Iggy. Of course, this isn't ideal for colder climates, but if you ever wanted to use the line, “I wanna be your dog," you'll never get a better opportunity.

The Jack White

Get the black hair and pale skin down, and basically anything else goes with a Jack White costume. In fact, while going as Jack White, you also can look like an out-of-work poet from the 1800s, a cross between Elvis and a vampire or some sort of skeleton ... cowboy ... thing. Just don't smile, look vaguely threatening and carry around a Coke.

The Mummy

This is the same as a basic mummy but instead shuffling around aimlessly, you play punk rock and travel through time. Yeah ... actually, this list needed only one entry.

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