12 Days of Holiday Deals from Guitar World: Day 3 — 'In Deep' DVDs for $5

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Today is Day 3 of our second annual 12 Days of Holiday Deals Sale at the Guitar World Online Store!

You can expect a great new deal every day, including today's deal:

Buy any Guitar World In Deep DVD for only $5.

Choose from:

How to Play Ozzy Osbourne's "I Don't Know"

How to Play Chicken Pickin' (See sample below.)

How to Play Reggae & Funk

How to Play the Cream of Eric Clapton (See sample below.)

How to Play in the Style of Jeff Beck

How to Play Guitar Weirdness (See sample below.)

How to Play Like Keith Richards and the Coolest Guitarists of All Time

Head to the Guitar World Online Store now and click on each individual title for more info!

Be sure to check out our Day 1 and 2 Deals under RELATED CONTENT to the left (OK, above left), and be on the lookout for our Day 4 Deal on Monday, December 10!