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The 20 Greatest Supergroups of All Time

"Supergroup" is a word that doesn't sit well with a lot of people.

For some, it conjures thoughts of bloated egos battling for creative control. For others, it brings to mind flash-in-the-pan projects that lacked a lasting impact.

That said, in the 48 years since Cream stepped forward as arguably the world's first rock and roll supergroup, there have been quite a few all-star bands that have made an indelible mark on the musical world — independent of their collective members' individual pasts.

So what do we consider a supergroup?

1. There have to be at least three members.

2. They have to have released at least one album — no all-star jams.

3. A majority of their band members have to have been in well-known bands before the supergroup formed.

4. A supergroup cannot be formed by a well-known musician joining a pre-existing band — no Van Hagar.

In making our picks for this list, we tried to take into account the impact the supergroup itself had on the music scene. We couldn't help but take into consideration the profiles of the musicians involved, but — and you can quote this — merely having big names does not a great supergroup make.

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