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CD Review: Georgia Marley - Yearning

(Image credit: supplied by label)


Twirling dry, twangy folk guitars around ethereal synths and clicky, minimalist beats, Georgia Marley makes a strikingly sharp first impression on Yearning

The singer-songwriter deals in slow-burning slithers of emotional intensity, cut from the same cloth as indie stalwarts like Angie McMahon and Gretta Ray, yet shining with a spate of tones and tenacity entirely of her own. 

From the simmering lull of “What I’ve Realised” to the crystalline bounciness of “Radiators”, we’re taken on a colourful (if sometimes gut-punchingly gloomy) journey deep into the mind of a lovelorn storyteller with a massively lucrative future ahead of her. 

Every dusty, angular prong of her acoustic and low, luminescent hum rings out with astonishing power; the spacial breadth of Marley’s soundscapes is truly transcendental.