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Citizen - Life In Your Glass World album review

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Life In Your Glass World

After winding us down the rabbithole of heavyhearted post‑rock and heady emo on 2017’s As You Please, nothing could’ve prepared us for the fearlessly bold punch and pomp of Citizen’s career‑defining fourth LP. Life In Your Glass World sees the Ohio trio acutely energised and amped right the hell up, revelling in huge, headbang‑inducing riffs and a rhythm section that’s always nothing short of riveting. 

Perhaps it’s because they did the whole thing in-house (though you’d never tell – this record sounds mighty sharp, with mixes always beautifully dense and dynamic), or that every track was built around beats instead of riffs. It’s an unashamedly bouncy ride from start to finish, with splashes of bassy funk and shimmery pop making cuts like “Blue Sunday” and “Black And Red” immediate hits.