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Exclusive: Steve Hackett Streaming New Album, 'Beyond The Shrouded Horizon'

Steve Hackett's latest solo album, the double-disc Beyond the Shrouded Horizon, is out today on Inside Out, and you can get your copy of the album here.

In case you need more incentive than a prog-rock legend releasing a double album to pick this one up, you can now stream the first disc of Beyond the Shrouded Horizon below!

"My new album Beyond the Shrouded Horizon breaks free from its moorings in early autumn and sets sail through choppy riffs and sudden electric storms to the odd romantic isle," said Hackett of his new album.

He continues: “From Sinbad seas to Startrek oceans of deep sky, it’s an odyssey. Invisible chords link pop to pomp, blues to baroque, embracing all genres discovered along the way. Let chthonic guitar forces and power of song take you to where waves crash through de-tuned orchestras over the edge of charted territories.”

For more on the album, check out our recent interview with Steve at this location, and check out his official website here.