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Exclusive Video: Baroness In the Studio

Two weeks ago, Baroness unleashed their crossover masterpiece, Yellow & Green, on the world. The double album landed at No. 30 on the Billboard charts upon its release, making it the highest debut of the band's career.

Today, we're excited to be premiering an exclusive video that takes you into the studio and on the road with Baroness, to give you even more insight into the making of their epic new album.

"There's no reason not to challenge yourself with music," said frontman/guitarist John Baizley of some of Yellow & Green's more surprising moments. "No reason not to set a very high goal for yourself and try to stick to it, to try and do now what you've not been able to do in the past. It seems silly to think otherwise. It seems totally counter-intuitive to think otherwise."

For our full interview with Baizley and fellow guitarist Peter Adams, head here.