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Photo Gallery: Jimi Hendrix's Guitar World Covers Through the Years

As of this year's December issue, Jimi Hendrix will have graced the cover of Guitar World 15 times.

It's an impressive feat, considering Hendrix passed away more than 40 years ago. But these are the spoils rewarded to you when you're the most influential guitar player of all time.

Jimi's latest Guitar World cover issue hits stands on October 18 and features a comprehensive overview of the guitarist's 100 greatest performances -- with commentary from Eric Johnson, Jerry Cantrell and Joe Satriani, among others. You can get a peek at it now in this photo gallery of Jimi Hendrix covers through the years. All Jimi's covers, from his first on our five-year anniversary issue in 1985 to this year's December cover, are here, as well as his appearances on the covers of our Legends series.

For more info about the new issue, or to order, head to the Guitar World Online Store.

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