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Video: The gTar, a Fully Digital, iPhone-Powered Guitar, Hits Kickstarter

A startup company called Incident has launched a new product -- the gTar -- on Kickstarter, a crowd funding website for creative projects.

The gTar is a totally digital guitar with a built-in iPhone dock that uses sensors to relay what you're playing to an iPhone app that works with the gTar.

The instument has strings and a fretboard layout, so users can feel -- or at least look -- like they're playing a traditional guitar.

The gTar, which uses LED lights to show you how to play songs that are preloaded in the app, is being marketed as a learning tool, so it's not supposed to replace your main guitar.

When it was launched, gTar had 34 days to reach its funding goal of $100,000. As of this writing (May 22), it has surpassed $141,000. Supporters of the project have to pledge a minimum of $350 to guarantee they'll get a gTar of their own when it ships in September. It will probably retail for $450.

To check out the gTar on Kickstarter, and for more photos and information, head here. Be sure to check out the video below.