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13 Techniques with Pykmax High Performance Guitar Pick — Demo Video

The gang over at Pykmax, makers of Pykmax High Performance guitar picks, have posted a new demo video featuring an extremely talented 16-year-old guitarist named Orion Meshorer.

The video, which you can check out below, demonstrates 13 techniques, including slapping, popping, funk scratching, finger picking, hybrid picking, alternate picking, octave playing, pinch harmonics, tapped harmonics, string skipping, sweep picking, tapping and pick tapping.

Orion is using a Pykmax J Series 1.40mm sharp-tipped nylon pick. The music was written and recorded by Orion and bassist Or Lubianiker, who tours with Marty Friedman.

The pick, the result of a multi-year design and engineering effort, features a patented ergonomic design that fits the hand comfortably and eliminates traditional muscle pressure associated with gripping traditional picks.

“The guitar pick has always been somewhat of an obstacle for many beginning and intermediate players," says Jeremy Milikow, CEO of Pro Music Marketing, maker of Pykmax. "Pykmax enables those players to concentrate more on playing great music and less on gripping the guitar pick.”

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