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Amptweaker Announces New DepthFinder EQ Pedal

Amptweaker has announced the release of the DepthFinder EQ, a new pedal that allows the user to add the tone of power amp-style Resonance and Presence controls in an amp’s effects loop or on a pedalboard.

The stand-alone, two-knob pedal makes it possible to achieve the tone of a tube amp’s low damping factor, even in a solid-state amp. The frequency range and boost of each knob was matched to the controls on a block-letter 5150 head into a Vintage 30-loaded birch plywood cabinet, so the resonance matches that resonant system. The Presence also matches how the amp reacts to the inductance of the speakers.

Features of the DepthFinder EQ include:

-       2 Band active Boost-only EQ

-       Resonance and Presence controls simulate power amp damping EQ

-       Inside gain boost trimpot

-       Can be used in amp effects loop or pedalboard

-       Power supply not included (too small for internal battery)

-        Current:  4mA with 9V or 18V supply

-       Weight: 6 ounces, Dimensions: 3.7″W X 1.5″D X 2″H

-       Handmade in the USA

-       5 Year Limited Warranty

The DepthFinder EQ sells for $90 with no power supply, $100 with a 9V supply and $110 with an 18V supply. 

For more information or to purchase, head over to