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Artist Series Guitar Announces Asking Alexandria and Sick of It All Models

Los Angeles, CA-based Artist Series Guitar (ASG) has just announced it will be releasing two new models on September 1st: Asking Alexandria and Sick Of It All’s 25th Anniversary. Only 500 of each of these limited-edition guitars will be made. As with the previous line of ASG guitars, the bands design their custom model around core features including solid mahogany bodies and humbucker pickups.

Sick of It All guitarist Pete Koller had this to say about their ASG model: "The guitar looks amazing! I can’t wait for them to be out there for our fans. Our logo, the Sick Of It All dragon has been with us as long as we’ve been around. When you see someone with the SOIA dragon logo you know they are one of us and part of the worldwide hardcore army.”

Commenting on the Asking Alexandria model, ASG ceo Vijay Kumar says, "Asking Alexandria...represents the new wave of DIY bands that have broken through to the mainstream, subverting from the inside. We look forward to their fans being able to pick up their ASG.”

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