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AXOLOGY: TC Electronic Shipping Nova System

TC Electronic has begun shipping the Nova System, the company’s new all-in-one floor multieffect unit that combines analog distortion and overdrive with the advantages of digital control.

The heart of Nova System is NDT – Nova Drive Technology – an overdrive and distortion circuit that offers true analog sound under preset and expression control. While the drive circuit is 100 percent analog and physically separated from the digital effects, its controls are digital. This way the drive effects can be tweaked, stored and recalled in exactly the same way as any of the digital effects, and the amount of distortion can be controlled in real time by hooking up an expression pedal.

In addition, Nova System houses eight effects blocks taken straight from G-System: drive, compression, EQ, Noise Gate, Modulation, Pitch, Delay and Reverb. All of the blocks are programmable and can be stored in 60 user presets.

Nova System has Hi-Z and balanced inputs plus balanced stereo outputs, and two footswitch layouts - preset and pedal - with an option for adding a G-Switch for further control. The unit has a list price of $995.