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Boss Introduces Katana-Artist Amplifier

Boss has introduced the Katana-Artist guitar amplifier, the new flagship model of its Katana series.

The 100-watt Katana-Artist combo features a newly developed cabinet design with front-facing controls and a premium Waza 12-inch speaker. The semi-closed back is ideal for rock tones, and the tight, rugged construction produces rich, full sound with impressive projection. In addition, the amp’s five channels have been tuned to provide highly expressive response that works in harmony with the Waza speaker and new cabinet design.

Boss' custom Waza speaker delivers tones inspired by the benchmark 25-watt British stack speaker from the Sixties. Through detailed analysis and careful selection of the magnet, cone material, and other construction elements, Boss has captured the rock speaker’s sound and response with the added benefit of greatly increased power handling capacity.

With its dynamic power section designed with the Tube Logic approach, the Katana-Artist produces ample volume and headroom for performing all types of music, including the heaviest rock styles. In addition to the standard Katana panel controls, the amp includes dedicated knobs for the Cabinet Resonance and Air Feel functions introduced with the recent Katana Version 2 update.

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