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Carvin Audio Returns, Announces X1 All Tube Guitar Preamp Pedal

(Image credit: Carvin Audio)

Back in October, Carvin Audio announced that—after 70 years in operation—it was closing its San Diego factory and liquidating the entirety of its stock. Now though, it appears the company has returned, as they have announced a new pedal, the X1 All Tube Guitar Preamp Pedal.

Though it is unclear at this time how much this new Carvin Audio has to do with the old Carvin Audio, from the looks of the logo (the same font as the old logo) and the fact that the company says in a press release that the X1 is based on "one of our most iconic guitar amps, the X100B," we can pretty well assume that the two Carvin Audios are one and the same.

The X1 pedal is an all new tube pedal, with wide range tone controls of the Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence that use the original circuits of the X100B amplifier. It has two channels of tone controlled by the Master volume: the Rhythm channel—which gives clean tones—and the Lead channel—which gives overdrive tones. The Gain switch is built for even more intense leads.

The X1 also features real 12AX7 tubes—and four gain stages—a 1-watt internal amp, (perfect for low-volume songwriting and practicing) an effects loop and a cabinet voiced output that emulates the response of a 2x12 or 4x12 guitar cabinet.

The MAP of the X1 is $449, it will be available in late spring 2018.

For more info, stop by Carvin Audio's newly relaunched website,