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DB Instrument Amp Unveils TruGlide Tuning Stabilizer

(Image credit: courtesy of dB Instrument Amp)

dB Instrument Amp has announced the TruGlide, a tuning stabilizer that the company says guides guitar strings correctly through the nut of classic three-by-three headstock designs.

A three-by-three headstock often leads to tuning issues as a result of the four center strings pulling sideways at the back of the nut. According to dB, the TruGlide “lets the nut do its job supporting the bottom of the string and then gently guides the strings to the tuners using a low friction curved surface. The strings can then move freely and return to pitch even when bending to the sky.”

The TruGlide is available now for $19.95. 

For more information or to purchase, head to dB Instrument Amp.