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Demo: Martin's GPC-13E offers classic Martin looks with a modern, vibrant sound

Upon its debut a decade ago, Martin's Grand Performance acoustic guitar model immediately became one of the company's best-selling instruments.

The GPC-13E, an updated version of the GPCRSG, is one of the latest and greatest examples of the Grand Performance series - now numbering around a dozen models. Recently, one example found its way into the capable hands of our Tech Editor, Paul Riario.

With nifty, high-performing Fishman MX-T electronics mounted inside the guitar - without any holes cut into the sides - the GPC-13E blends a modern approach with classic Martin looks and sound.

Plus, at $1,699, it's not a bad value for a gig-ready acoustic with unmistakable Martin tone.

You can watch Paul put the acoustic through its paces in the video above. If you like what you see, check out our full review of the guitar right here.