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Does Every Amp Sound the Same? Put These Models to the Test

Does every guitar amp sound the same?

That was the burning question for Ola Englund, guitarist with the Haunted and previously with Six Feet Under.

  • “Whenever I make a YouTube video where I record or demo an amplifier, or a piece of gear, I always get at least one comment saying that I make every amp sound the same,” Ola says.
  • “So is that the case here? Am I trolling everyone? We’re gonna find out in this video, Does every amp sound the same?”

For the video, Ola recorded his Washburn PX-Solar 16ETC guitar and re-amped it through a Randall Satan, a Randall RG1503, an EVH 5150 Stealth, a Hesu Bastard 50W, a Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+ and Mooer Blade Pedal. All the devices were run through his Hesu 2x12 cabinet and miked with a Shure SM57.

The fun starts when he begins to cycle through the tracks and you can hear the results of his test. He also recorded the devices with a room mic and plays those tracks as well.

Ola wraps things up by playing the tracks in combination with bass and drums before offering his observations.

Give it a look, and let us know what you think. When you’re done, visit Ola’s YouTube channel for more of his videos.