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Ernie Ball Music Man Unofficially Introduces John Petrucci Majesty Guitar

Late last week, Sterling Ball of Ernie Ball Music Man posted the following blurb on the Ernie Ball Music Man forum.

In it, he unofficially introduces the new Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty model, which bears the signature of Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci:

“Its really too early but it has been seen by a few, so I wanted the rest of you to see it … the ones who don't spy on me …. enjoy ….

"The guitar is super super light…the ‘carbon fiber’ is not what it seems….it is laser-etched maple that is finished to resemble carbon fiber. The guys did an amazing job.

"The access is absolutely crazy good; the ergonomics were the primary deal and it balances really well. It has a Game Changer in it and is set to just be a switch but as we introduce the GC incrementally you can activate if you choose but it is not mandatory. The guitar has been voiced by DiMarzio, and we have done sonic thumbprint matching. I will tell you about it someday.

"The design and construction techniques are cutting edge and like I could only have imagined 10 years ago. Enjoy.”

He also posted several photos of the guitar, which you can see in the photo gallery below. What do you think of it so far?

Stay tuned for more info!

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