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Fender Announces New Line of Effects Pedals

Fender has announced a new line of effects pedals. The company's new line includes six brand-new pedals: The Bends, Mirror Image Delay, Marine Layer Reverb, Santa Ana Overdrive, Level Set Buffer and Pugilist Distortion pedals.

The Pugilist Distortion has two gain stages with independent controls, which can be used individually or stacked to taste with the blend control. The gold aluminum pedal also includes a bass boost switch to fatten up tone.

The Mirror Image Delay features analog, digital, and tape delay sounds, with two variations of each, and an additional switch to add a dotted eighth note rhythm.

The Bends Compressor can lessen the dynamic range of a guitarist's signal without compromising tone, while the Recovery and Blend knobs allow for the perfect amount of compression.

The Marine Layer Reverb features three different settings—Hall, Room, and Special, with two variations of each. The stompbox features reverb tails, which will continue after you deactivate the stompbox in order to decay naturally behind your next, reverb-free chord.

The Santa Ana Overdrive is a FET-based OD that promises a range of edge-of-breakup to fully saturated tones. It comes with two switchable voices, a three-band EQ, and both a Bypass and Boost footswitch.

The Level Set Buffer allows players to maintain an even signal strength throughout a performance, even when switching instruments. It also includes a Mute switch and a high frequency filter.

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