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Flux Magnetic Double Neck Guitar Pulls Apart to Become Two Guitars — Video

A very new company named Flux Guitars has introduced a magnetic double-neck guitar called the Satellite.

To be more accurate, it has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funding for the project.

The guitar is magnetic in the sense that its two necks—12-string and six-string—can be pulled apart, very easily, thus turning it into two individual guitars.

"Great guitars have to be more than cool looking, they have to play like butter and sound amazing—these do," writes guitar maker Scott Gorsuch on Flux Guitars' new page. "Twelve strings are my thing; it's what I play with my own band. They're like the perfect effect pedal—your super-lush secret weapon.

"The Flux Satellite isn't just some novelty (although it's fun to see a whole audience go 'WTF!' at once); it's a first-class, hand-built, tour-ready machine.

"If you order a guitar during this Indiegogo campaign, you'll get our low-as-we-dare introductory prices. Also, you'll notice a select few perks have a delivery date of December 25. And with Christmas coming up, a Flux guitar would completely freak out that guitar-nut in your life."

Specs include:

  • Bodies: chambered Cherry backs for light weight and resonance/Maple tops (figured Maple on sunburst/natural - mini bodies un-chambered)
  • Necks: bolt-on, reclaimed old-growth Port Orford Cedar from the Pacific Northwest (the stiffness of Mahogany and half the weight!)
  • Fingerboards: Indian Rosewood, 12" radius, Mother of Pearl dots, and white side-position markers
  • Scale: 24 3/4" (Gibson scale)
  • Fretwire: medium wire for 12 strings .084" wide, .039" tall & wide-medium wire for 6 strings .103" wide, .046" tall
  • Pickups: Ohio-made Brandon Wound Pickups P90s - old-school and gorgeous!

For more specs and information, check out the video below and visit

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