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New FretX Fretboard Lights Show You How to Play Guitar

(Image credit: FretX)

Is it just me, or have we been seeing a lot of new "learn how to play guitar the easy way!" contraptions during the past 1.5 years?

Answer: It's not just me. In fact, we've got another one to tell you about right now.

Below, check out a demo video for the new FretX. It's basically a series of colored lights that attaches to any fretboard and shows just-learning guitarists where to put their fingers to help them with their chord and/or scale playing. An iOS/Android app then sends Bluetooth signals with chosen chord fingerings, which tell the FretX which lights to illuminate.

You'll notice the device covers only the first four frets, so don't expect to shred like Nigel Tufnel—at least not right away.

Seriously, what do you think of FretX? Could it be a practical learning tool for beginners?

FretX has launched an Indiegogo campaign; it will retail for $89, but early adopter packages are available for $49. It's compatible with electric, acoustic and/or classical guitars and works for righties and lefties.