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Gibson's New Bill Kelliher Golden Axe Explorer Powered by Gold-Plated Lace Nitro Hemi Pickups

Lace Music has announced that Gibson's new Bill Kelliher Golden Axe Explorer guitar is fitted with Lace Nitro Hemi pickups dressed in gold-plated finish.

Kelliher, one of the guitarists for Mastodon, has been a Lace endorser for some time. It is fitting that his new Signature Gibson Explorer guitar uses some of his favorite pickups.

Finished with gold-plated covers to match the rest of his Gibson, these pickups were specially built for this run of Golden Axe guitars.

Lace Nitro-Hemi pickups were designed for rock and heavy metal players. It is a serious modern humbucker that can be split for single-coil tones. Bold and aggressive, it will take you from zero to metal in a heartbeat.

Built with Barium Ferrite magnets and using patented Lace Sensor design, this passive high-output pickup has the thump of a fat humbucker with the sparkly bell like top end found in single-coil pickups, proving sweet harmonic overtones that jump off every note for increased sonic depth.

Nitro Hemi pickups are designed for zero noise and exceptional tone in the split-coil mode. As one of Kelliher’s requirements for Mastodon and more, these pickups deliver the tone and looks Kelliher sought for the guitar.

Technical Specs:

  • Neck: Resistance 15.8Ω, Peak Frequency 2750 Hz, Inductance 4.6 henries
  • Bridge: Resistance 19.0Ω, Peak Frequency 2600 Hz, Inductance 4.6 henries

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