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Hear and See the New Charvel USA Select Series in Action

Unveiled earlier this summer at the NAMM Show, the new flagship Charvel USA Select series has officially launched and can be experienced in a new Charvel video featuring Frankie Lindia. The L.A.-based guitarist used the new USA Select models to record instrumental track “Boogie in A,” which will be featured on his instrumental EP debut.

Comprised by four new models—San Dimas Style 1 HSS FR, San Dimas Style 1 HSS HT, So-Cal Style 1 HSS FR and San Dimas Style 2 HH FR—the all-new USA Select features “old-school throwback” specs, including Eighties-style body perimeters, finely shaped neck profiles, fast compound radius fingerboards with rolled edges, non-recessed Floyd Rose bridges and more.

The USA Select models also feature a unique Charvel pickup configuration and control layout, which is detailed in a new diagram on

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