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A Little Thunder and Marconi Lab Announce Signature Model Guitar

(Image credit: A Little Thunder)

Two emerging companies with a shared vision for the future of guitar have collaborated on a unique instrument that is as versatile as it is stunning.

A Little Thunder—U.S. manufacturer of the drop-octave bass pickup for guitars—and Marconi Lab (an emerging Italy-based guitar shop) have launched the EGO A Little Thunder Signature Model Guitar in an "Orange Drop" finish. The first 50 orders save $400 (more on this below!).

The design, comparable to that of a race car, is sleek, ergonomic and built for performance. Featuring an alder body and headless maple neck, the instrument is contoured for optimal comfort, with complimentary smooth dual-axis bridge, tasteful carbon fiber appointments, polished chrome speed knobs and polished chrome locking nut.

The A Little Thunder pickup (neck) brings an 8.2k PAF humbucker and its signature drop-octave bass signal (to the bottom one, two or three strings at the selection of the user) to the guitar. When activated, the low-note priority mode detects and applies the bass signal to only the lowest note, which is useful when playing chords.

In the bridge position, a Lace Deathbucker 6 handles the need for speed when pulling harmonics from the sleek tremolo. The stereo output jack accepts mono, stereo and TRS Y cables, allowing the user to send the guitar signal to a guitar amp and the bass signal from A Little Thunder to a bass amp.

For a limited time, this unique guitar is being offered at $400 off its regular price of $2,200, bringing the cost to $1,840 (with free shipping). This offer is limited to the first 50 orders. Note: As the guitars are completely handbuilt in Italy, there's a 30-day wait list for every 10 guitars ordered. If you are the 50th order, you are looking at October 2016 for delivery. A "progress" meter on A Little Thunder’s website shows how many instruments are left at this price.

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