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Meet the Hog-O-Caster, a Guitar Made from Harley Parts

If you love motorcycles and guitars, here’s an instrument that combines both passions.

Custom guitar maker Terry Johnson has created the Hog-O-Caster guitar using parts from a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for the body. Johnson performs with the Swamp Drivers, where he uses a variety of guitars he’s made using parts from unusual sources. You may recall a story we shared a while back in which he demonstrates an electric guitar he built from a frying pan.

In the videos below, Johnson demonstrates the Hog-O-Caster by playing “The House of the Rising Sun” with a looper pedal, and he performs with it in the Swamp Drivers’ video for their song “Live to Ride.”

The “Live to Ride” video opens with Johnson playing the Hog-O-Caster solo and concludes with him describing how he put it together from a box of old Harley parts around the 4:05 mark. The guitar features a couple of gears for volume and tone controls as well as a clutch cover, brake lever, air cleaner cover and exhaust pipes.

“This is crazy cool—sounds amazing,” Johnson says.

Take a look below. Visit Johnson’s YouTube channel for more of his videos, and check out the Swamp Drivers’ website to learn more about the band and purchase their music.