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Milkman Sound Unveils its New "Amp"

Milkman Sound has unveiled its newest guitar amplifier. The name of the 50-watt creation? Well, it's simply called "The Amp."

The Amp comes with a preamp based around a single 12AX7 running at high voltage in a discrete Class A circuit, and features on-board reverb and tremolo effects, so it can be used as a grab-and-go amp. It also features built-in foot switches, a Class D power section that delivers 50 watts into 8ohms, or 100 watts into 4ohms and a Speakon combination jack for speaker output that takes either a standard 1/4 connection or a locking Speakon connector.

The Amp also features a practice-frinedly integrated headphone amplifier and a universal IEC power input that can run from 100 to 260 VAC. The Amp can be plugged into a wall socket and used with no need for additional power accessories.

It also has both an internal XLR output and a pedal level output where it can be used as the front end of a pedal board or as an amp like effect on the back end of a pedal board.

The MSRP of The Amp is $799.

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