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New EVH Striped Wolfgang Special: Have a First Look and Listen

In his latest video, Phillip McKnight shows us the new and long-awaited EVH Striped Wolfgang Special.

Made in Mexico, the EVH Striped Wolfgang Special features a couple of upgrades, including a custom hand-painted body, quarter-sawn neck with ebony fretboard, a zero-friction volume and a heavy-friction tone control, two Wolfgang pickups and an EVH Floyd Rose bridge with D-Tuna.

The EVH Striped Wolfgang Special costs $1,600—quite a bit for a MIM ax, but as Phillip points out, the quality and upgrades make the guitar worth the extra bucks. He’s particularly impressed with the paint job.

“They’re so meticulously done that it was hard to believe it was actually paint and some sort of decal finish or stencil,” Phillip says. “They are done by hand with a white base coat, then striped in black, and the red goes on top of that.”

Take a look and have a listen. Be sure to visit Phillip’s YouTube channel for more videos about gear, including DIY mods.