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NEXI Industries Introduces New Orianthi Signature Effect Pedals

(Image credit: NEXI Industries)

NEXI Industries and Orianthi have announced that they will collaborate on two new Orianthi Signature Guitar Effect Pedals.

Inspired by classic yet modern blues tones, Orianthi Signature Effect Pedals will combine NEXI’s plug-and-play design with Orianthi’s years of experience playing on the world stage. “Tone is everything,” Orianthi once told Tone Report magazine. With that in mind, the guitarist prefers only a few pedals that are clear and direct to better  highlight her playing. 

Taking these tone driven preferences into account, the team at NEXI is developing two new signature effects pedals that reflect Orianthi’s tonal voice. While designed to Orianthi’s specifications, the pedals will open more tonal horizons for any player. Orianthi Signature Guitar Effect Pedals are a hybrid design, meaning they can be powered by either a 9V battery, an external jack or NEXI’s own pedal board. 

Each pedal will be priced at $99.95, and is scheduled for release later this year and at Winter NAMM 2019.

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