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PedalSnake Introduces 24V Adapters for Strymon Ojai Power Supplies

PedalSnake has introduced 24V Adapters for use with Strymon’s 24V-sourced Ojai and Ojai R30 power supplies.

The pedalboard-mounted power supply, with fully isolated and regulated outputs, now requires no AC power cord to be run by the user. A single PedalSnake channel connects between Strymon’s 24V source at the backline, and the Ojai R30 (or Ojai) on the pedalboard.

All users need to do is configure a single PedalSnake channel as a PowerLine and add the 24V Adapters.

The Ojai sports five 9V outputs, while Ojai R30 has 9, 12, and 18V outputs. All are rated a powerful 500mA, enough for all Strymon pedals, as well as larger pedals from Line 6, Eventide and others.

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