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Periphery’s Jake Bowen Demos DiMarzio Titan 7 Pickups

Here’s a new clip featuring Periphery axeman Jake Bowen playing DiMarzio's new Titan 7 neck and bridge pickups.

Bowen’s sound is helping to redefine rock guitar, and his pickups play a major part. The guitarist has been running Titan 7 prototypes through their paces on the road and in the studio, and according to DiMarzio, they’re now ready to go.

The Titan 7 bridge is bright and tight on the low end, so the seventh string never sounds muddy. The highs are rounded and articulate with a distinctive voice that doesn’t get lost, even in a dense, three-guitar mix.

With Periphery, Bowen’s playing calls for heavy sounds and atmospheric, orchestral parts. The Titan 7 neck model has a balanced blend of highs, mids and lows designed to reproduce all three equally effectively. It’s also highly responsive to changes in pick attack and volume control settings for an extremely expressive sound.

Periphery’s latest LP, Periphery III: Select Difficulty, is out now.

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