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Pigtronix Announces Custom Shop Active Dual CV Expression Pedal

Pigtronix has announced its new Pigtronix Custom Shop Active Dual CV Expression Pedal.

The product sells for $249 USD and is available exclusively from Nova Musik.

With a range of 0-5V, the Active Dual CV Expression is eurorack-friendly and can control other gear equipped with 1/8" CV inputs, including Arturia MiniBrute and MicroBrute, Studio Electronics BOOMSTARs, Tom Oberheim SEMs and others.

The pedal has dual outputs to control two CV parameters at once, with a polarity reversal switch on one of the outputs to let the player move the values of two separate parameters in opposite directions. The pedal features Neutrik jacks and an automotive-grade, textured green finish, giving it a tough finish.

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