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Prestige Guitars Welcomes Rex Brown to Its Artist Roster

(Image credit: Prestige Guitars)

Prestige Guitars has announced that Rex Brown of Pantera, KDH (Kill Devil Hill) and the Rex Brown Band has joined the company’s A&R roster.

Brown is using three Custom Prestige solid body guitars.

The first is a Custom Burl Premier with a Seymour Duncan P90 (SP90) in the neck and a JB (SH-4) in the bridge with all-gold hardware. The second is a Custom Troubadour with Seymour Duncan Saturday Night Special pickups. The third is a Quilt Maple Heritage Standard with a Seymour Duncan ’59 in the neck and Custom Custom in the bridge.

“We can’t tell you how proud we are to welcome Rex Brown to the Prestige family," says Adrian O’Brien, Prestige’s VP of artist relations. "Rex’s contributions to hard rock and metal through Pantera and Kill Devil Hill are immeasurable. He is a tremendously talented songwriter, and though best known for his time with a bass slung over his shoulder, he is a monster guitar slinger and vocalist as well.

“Rex has just wrapped recording of his solo debut with the Rex Brown Band in Nashville, and his new project is going to absolutely blow people away. To have him using Prestige Guitars on the new album and on tour, we are just totally and completely honored.”

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