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SoZo Announces New Silver Mica Capacitors

(Image credit: SoZo Capacitors)

SoZo has announced its new line of Silver Mica capacitors. Modeled after vintage picofarad capacitors, the Silver Mica line has the same electrical characteristics and sound of past lines, while still offering superior musicality and linearity.

SoZo silver micas are clear, smooth, vocal, clean and have a linear top end. They are smooth without forward treble—i.e., the top end voicing does not add the treble harshness like standard silver mica caps tend to do. Standard silver mica caps also often have excess energy and ringing in the out-of-band audio frequencies, which creates a disconnected strident metallic high end in any amplifier circuit.

The SoZo design eliminates this excess energy and ringing in the out-of-band audio frequencies; therefore, with the SoZo caps, the treble does not detach from the fundamental note and does not create sibilance like many modern components do.

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