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Summer NAMM 2019: 3rd Power Announces Clean Sink and Dirty Sink Combo Amps

(Image credit: courtesy of 3rd Power)

Summer NAMM 2019: Nashville-based amp maker 3rd Power has unveiled the Clean Sink and Dirty Sink, two new grab-n-go 112 combo amps.

The 20 watt combos take the favored channel from the company’s Kitchen Sink model and place it in a compact, lower-powered 112 format.

The Clean Sink features two preamp signal paths: black-panel American and AC (switchable normal and top boost modes), as well as all-tube spring reverb, while the Dirty Sink delivers Plexi-style cleans and scorching lead tones, and features an all-tube Class-A FX loop with patch points located on the front panel.

Both models boast a pair of JJ 6V6GT output tubes, as well as the company's proprietary Hybrid-Master volume control, which fine tunes output to whatever volume level is right for the room.

The Clean Sink and Dirty Sink will begin shipping immediately following the Summer NAMM show, with prices beginning at $1,999.

For more information, head to 3rd Power.