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Tone King Introduces New Imperial MKII Head

Tone King has announced the Imperial MKII Head, a 20-watt tube amp with spring reverb, tremolo and a built-in Ironman attenuator. The new model updates the company's popular Imperial MKII combo.

The MKII head features hand-wired board construction for improved midrange and highs, a rhythm channel tuned for vintage “blackface” tones with a smoother breakup, and Mid-Bite control on the Lead channel, which tightens the low end for added punch.            

A High Frequency compensation switch lets users tame the overall treble, while a Rhythm Bypass switch accesses sparkling cleans and heavily overdriven sounds.

The Tone King Imperial MKII is available in Turquoise/White, Brown/Cream, Cream and Black/Cream finishes. No price for the Imperial MKII has yet been made available, but our pals at MusicRadar estimate it'll be around $2,500.

For more information, head to Tone King.